Aki Koizumi

A normal boy from an ordinary family; the only unexpected thing he's ever done was submitting an application to Yumenosaki Academy for the producer course. Due to some management issues, he ended up transferring to the idol course, where he joined forces with two first-year students to form a unit. He enjoys the work, though he's not the biggest fan of their aesthetic... but it isn't really his place to say anything against it. He's been friends with Amaya Hinata since middle school.

Aki is the leader of fleurs, a brand-new idol unit that is unaffiliated with any of Ensemble Squares' agencies at the moment. His flower motif are white chrysanthemums.

"...I'm Aki Koizumi. I'm a third year at Yumenosaki Academy, and I'm currently enrolled in the idol course; I'm the leader, I guess, of fleurs. I was part of the producer course until recently, but... well, it doesn't matter. ...If you want something sweet and good to eat, please come down to Two Scoops, a brand-new ice-cream shop located down the street from the school, right by the station. They've got plenty of interesting flavors to try."

"Aki's the most boring of bores! He never stays up, his favorite food is plain rice, he's always on time for school, he likes chocolate and vanilla ice cream - two of the most ordinary and boring flavors EVER - and he never puts anything on his ice cream either! He hates sprinkles and surprises, and he never wants to join in on any fun! But, well... he's probably the best person you could ask for to have as a friend, because he's so boring and normal."
—Amaya Hinata

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Personality the leader by default of being the oldest and most responsible. looks cool and aloof, but that's just because he's Exhausted. third year who doesn't wear dresses outside of idol activities. eldest of four siblings, so he's used to dealing with chaos. on stage, he adopts a cheery, teasing persona.

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